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HP 400 MTHP 425 Wireless Dual Radio 802.11n (WW) Access Point (JG654A)

HP 425 802.11n Dual Radio Access Point Series

HP 425 802.11n Dual Radio Access Point Series

Price per Unit (piece): Rs. 139 320.00

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The HP 425 802.11n Dual Radio Access Point Series work in unison with the HP network controllers to deliver a high performance WLAN solution. Offering two spatial stream access and up to 300 Mbps of throughput per radio they are ideal for voice and multi-media communications and offer embedded high gain and optional external antennas for improved wireless coverage and reliability.

Built-in spectral analysis and integrated wireless IDS/IPS provides detection, classification and intelligent avoidance of non-IEEE 802.11 interference and comprehensive threat protection.

What's new

  • Dual radio with two spatial stream access supporting up to 300 Mbps per radio.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 2.0 with three year 24x7 phone support.


Enhanced Wi-Fi Performance

The HP 425 802.11n Dual Radio Access Point Series offers dual radio, two spatial stream access supporting up to 300 Mbps per radio for enhanced voice and rich media applications.

Supports both centralized and distributed traffic forwarding offering enhanced application performance and WLAN scalability.

Provides advanced Quality of Service (QoS) for voice and video communication supporting IEEE 802.1p traffic priority handling and Spectralink Voice Priority (SVP).

Extends network availability with self-healing, self-optimizing local mesh.

Improved Coverage and Reliability

The HP 425 802.11n Dual Radio Access Point Series optimizes WLAN coverage and reliability with Wi-Fi Clear Connect automatic power adjustment capability, providing real-time identification of interference, and intelligent channel switching.

Enhances the user experience with airtime fairness, providing equal RF transmission time for wireless clients in mixed user environments.

Improves client performance by automatically redirecting 5 GHz-capable clients to the less-congested 5 GHz spectrum with band steering.

Improves wireless coverage in dense client environments with embedded high gain internal antennas and optional external antennas.

Comprehensive Security

The HP 425 802.11n Dual Radio Access Point Series provides comprehensive threat protection with integrated Intrusion Detection System (IDS) offering granular threat detection and location tacking capabilities.

Simplifies client authentication with support for both internal and external authentication, authorization and accounting servers, per user VLAN mapping and authentication.

Locks out unauthorized wireless access by authenticating users prior to granting network access and enhances data integrity of the wireless traffic with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) or Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP).

Investment Protection

The HP 425 802.11n Dual Radio Access Point Series provides industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty 2.0 and 3 year 24x7 phone support.

Provides interoperability with all IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n client devices through Wi-Fi Alliance certifications.



  • HP 425 802.11n Dual Radio Access Point connect wireless clients to the network, bring intelligence to the network edge
  • scalable, seamless, secure, wireless access anywhere, anytime
  • centrally controlled by HP Controllers.
  • 1 10/100/1000 port, 1 RJ-45 serial console port
  • Indoor, plenum rated;Includes ceiling/wall mount kei as well as two ceiling mounting clips
  • 802.11a/n, b/g/n
  • 4

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